Leiro e Hijos, S.L., Mejillones ultracongelados

quality assurance project is at the disposal of our customers; we attain an effective trazability by means the development and microbiological supervision of
our products.
We have developed an identity based on quality, which is present in all the sides of our company: quality workgroups, I+D+I department, and contributions from research and sanitary control centres guaranteed by the EU.
Our quality system is based on the strictest HACCP and it has been certified and audited by our customers. LEIRO factories have obtained the approval to supply the most demanding markets (EU and FDA from USA regulations, among others).
Our quality makes us leaders in the market of frozen mussels.

Small (80/100 pieces/kg)
Medium (60/80 pieces/kg)
Large (40/60 pieces/kg)

Small (200/300 pieces/kg)
Medium (140/180 pieces/kg)
Large (90/120 pieces/kg)

Normal (40/55 pieces/kg)
Select (25/40 pieces/kg)
Packaging and preentations on your demand

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